Increase brand awareness

Increase brand awareness and exposure locally and regionally

Increase traffic

Increase traffic on your own website and get wider coverage on social network sites

Increase leads

Increase local and/or international student leads and subsequently placements

Why Advertise on EASYUNI

Reach local and international students

With more than 1.5 million page views a year and growing and huge database of students, you’ll get exposed to a large number of daily visitors internationally.

Get immediate access to quality leads

We’ll deliver the leads directly to you while it’s still warm and you’ll be given access to contact and prospect those leads for the successful placement into your institution. All leads comes with name, contact details, courses interested and question(s) from student.

Get promoted and highlighted beyond your competitors

Route traffic from your competitor’s microsite to your very own microsite. Get mentioned and promoted on our social network (Facebook, Twitter, blog)

Inexpensive investment

EASYUNI provides marketing service that caters the need of online marketing for universities and colleges. With our experience we really know the strategy to reach your potential students. Therefore, advertising on EASYUNI will definitely increase your branding and your ROI as well.

More effective ads performance

Our promoted Premier Listing clients generate between 10-20 times more leads compared to non-premier listing clients. EASYUNI is the correct internet marketing tool for universities and colleges.

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